Scientific essay on literature

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Scientific essay on literature

     This article will be useful to students of philological areas of training. In it we plan to consider the features of writing a scientific essay on literature. We will not load you with theory, and offer to spend only five minutes of your time, which will allow you to save a lot of hours, nerves and invest your strength as productively as possible.
     Design is our everything. Familiarization with the training manual is a prerequisite of work. You can get the training manual or requirements for a specific publication from your supervisor. You can walk to the library and get acquainted with the articles of the magazine in which your article will be printed. Remember that for the article there must be an annotation (in particular, in several languages), keywords, an introduction to the history of the issue, the main part, conclusions and a list of references.
    Do you want to have a good relationship with a supervisor? Refer in your article to his work. Believe me, he (or she) will be ecstatic, striving zealously to promote its promotion and subsequent publication in more authoritative publications, different from the local university “Bulletin”.
     Imitate, it cannot be copied. As it is known, authoritative and generally recognized materials with relevant scientific value serve as a good foundation. So, it is quite advisable to go through articles of similar literary subjects. You can borrow a couple of worthwhile ideas from there, but put them on your own wording. You know – they do not like plagiarists and obviously do not have respect for them. Take the trouble to spend some of your time trying to match the uniqueness, and your efforts will pay for themselves to the fullest.
     Do not skimp on quotes and introductory constructions with the authors of the provisions in question. Any statement made by, say, Lev Ivanovich Polivanov, Boris Viktorovich Tomashevsky, or even Yuri Nikolaevich Tynyanov, gets plus 100 credibility and at times increases the scientific value of your publication.
     Always, if there is such an opportunity, choose a theme to which you have a soul. It is difficult to investigate the topic of theology in the works of Dostoevsky without prejudice, if you are an ardent atheist.

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